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Our Custom designed Hi-Riser Sofa beds come in a large variety of fabric, trimming, and style options.
You can choose any fabric to fit your decor.  We carry tapestries, damask, luxurious velvet, ultra suede and vinyl.


The Hi-Riser functions as two seperate beds. By day it is a beautiful comfortable sofa.
When the extra space is needed all you need to do is to pull out the bed from underneath
to reveal a full size bed with an innerspring mattress.





Once the bed is open all it take is a small tug upward and the bed pops up.  You can put a night table or chair to seperate the beds or just use them side by side.  When not in use you just push it back down an in.

When you would like your guest to have two comfortable separate beds, just pull the hi-riser apart.
Remove the pillows from the upper bed, put on sheets, and viola, you've got two comfortable sleeping spaces.

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